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All orders received before 3pm PST / 6pm EST are shipped out the same business day. All orders received after 3pm PST / 6pm EST or on weekends or holidays are shipped out the following business day. 24/7 online status check and account management available for all tests.

Our laboratory has been providing world class legal DNA testing services across North America and globally since 1998. Our results have been presented in court throughout the country, with a flawless record and highest recognition.

Our laboratory consists of a panel of expert PhD geneticists who are experienced leaders in the DNA testing industry. Our laboratory strives to maintain the latest DNA testing technology, and we have helped to revolutionize the paternity testing market over the years.

Our laboratory has spearheaded a number of drastic changes to the DNA testing industry, including becoming the first laboratory to offer the widespread and guaranteed testing of casework two times before release of results to ensure absolute accuracy, the establishment of an accuracy guarantee of >99.999% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions for all casework whether legal or private, ensuring that all results, whether for legal purposes or private knowledge exceed court requirements, and the provision of rapid DNA testing results in as little as 3 working days for express casework.

You can rest assured that our laboratory will provide you with the highest quality testing in the industry at the best prices.

Automated Sequencing

Our laboratory utilizes fluorescence laser detection of all PCR products. All sequencing and genotyping is fully automated using the Genotyper and Genescan software.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Our laboratory employs professional statisticians to oversee all statistical calculations for DNA testing reports. We also employ the word renowned DNA View software from Dr. Charles Brenner for automated analysis of paternity indexes.

Streamlined Testing

Our laboratory follows strict protocols for the acceptance, processing, analysis and reporting for all casework. Upon receipt, all sample barcodes are scanned into our system, an internal tracking document is initiated, and all samples are processed immediately without delay. As a result, clients receive rapid, accurate, and reliable results with no waiting period.

Recognized Quality System

Our laboratory’s quality system undergoes internal auditing annually, external auditing annually. Our laboratory is ISO17025 and AABB Accredited and our legal reports are thus recognized internationally and accepted as legal evidence of relationship or non-relationship in courts in US and Canada. Our Quality Manager is a trained Quality Systems auditor and maintains the ongoing compliance of our quality system to national standards.

Proficiency Testing

In addition to rigorous internal and external auditing, our laboratory participates in proficiency testing through the College of American Pathologists three times every year to maintain the highest testing standards.